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John Olenik, Fingerprint Examiner

Specialized Training, Consultant Work, UV Lights, and Superglue (cyanoacrylate) Fingerprint Processing Workshops--designed for all law enforcement agencies that are involved in evidence gathering and/or crime scene processing.

"Evaluation of Superglue Fuming"...John Olenik provides his incite in this Evidence Technology Magazine article.

"Is something fishy going on in this 5-gallon fish tank? Not really. In an effort to obtain fingerprint evidence, a gun is being super glue fumed with a heat generation technique. The potato chip can acts as a heat concentrator and chimney to help generate convection currents and evenly distribute glue vapors in the chamber. (Vaporized glue causes fingerprint residue to turn white and bond to the surface.) Warm water inside the plastic foam cup raises the humidity level in the chamber. Humidity and temperature are important in fuming because low humidity and high temperatures can make fingerprint recovery impossible."

August 1998. Law Enforcement Technology

Fuming Tank

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