Super Glue Workshop

What We Cover:

  • Remove the mystery surrounding Super glue (Cyanoacrylate) processing for fingerprints by lecture and demonstration.
  • Discuss safety and handling.
  • Explain the types of surfaces on which cyanoacrylates work best and when to use them.
  • Explain the various processes available and demonstrate each system.
  • Practical application via a "hands on" segment of the workshop when each student will develop fingerprints using each demonstrated system. We encourage participants to bring items for processing purposes.
  • Plus "hands on" segment on proper enhancement of Super Glue developed prints, including fingerprint powders, flourescent powders, and dyes.
  • Demonstrate "easy" photography techniques.
  • Demonstrate use of high intensity UV lights for dye staining and crime scene search.
  • Brief talk on uses of Super Glue developed prints for courtroom presentation.
  • Demonstrate new techniques and products as they become available such as: Vacuum Chamber technique, 3M Fuming Wand, Peavy Co. Blue Light Special.

    Benefits of Workshop:

    1. We guarantee that if you follow the directions given, you will find up to 200% more latent fingerprints on your evidence.
    2. This results in more identifications and better physical evidence for court, which means more successful convictions.
    3. Information given will help upgrade your departments capability in the new technology and techniques for the 90's.
    4. Many cost saving tips and techniques will be given, saving your department money, especially when budgets are tight.
    5. Notebooks given to each participant detailing material presented. Material was compiled from over 50 articles and information from researchers throughout the world.
    6. A certificate of completion will be given at the end of the seminar, plus the workshop has been approved for 6 hours of continuing education credit required for I.A.I. Latent Print Examiner Recertification.

    Click HERE to see some workshop pics.

    Here is what our students say...

    "Professionally done."
    - Sgt. Greg Fels, Springfield, MO Police Dept.

    "Highly recommend it."
    - Det. Phillip Bracken, Westlake, OH Police Dept.

    "Should be attended by all crime scene officers."
    - Edgar Burroughs, Palm Beach, FL Police Dept.

    "Great hands on training, and enjoyable."
    - Lt. Ricky Groves, Seneca Co., OH Sheriff's Dept.

    "The best fingerprint processing workshop that I have attended."
    - Sue Manci, Alabama Dept. of Forensic Science

    To arrange a workshop for your agency, contact:
    John Olenik at Detecto Print
    967 S. E. Oakgrove Terrace, Crystal River, FL 34429
    Telephone: 419-944-8777

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