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Black Chemeleon LED Flashlight

A flashlight with new LED technology. Has a focusable beam and is excellent for dust impressions like shoeprints! Only $29 when ordered through Detecto Print.

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PrintGlo ®
A fluorescent magnetic fingerprint powder developed exclusively by Detecto Print

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Detecto Print Fuming Kit
Portable Fuming Kit by Detecto Print
This portable fuming chamber can be configured for various items. One configuration for fuming larger objects such as a safe or bicycle, another for longer items such as a rifle or shotgun.

The kit is made with light and durable PVC plastic pipe with clear plastic serving as the chamber. Included is a portable fan to evenly distribute glue fumes, a digital humidity and temperature gauge, a sixty minute timer, plastic hooks for suspending items, and a carrying case with tray.

$179.00 each.

Detecto Print Vacuum Chamber (Click for enlargement) Vacuum Chambers
Another Detecto Print original.
DetectoPrint has developed a set of two vacuum chambers for Super Glue fingerprint development.The two chambers will accommodate most frequently encountered items. The smaller chamber 10" I.D., and 20" long will accommodate plastic bags, handguns, and similar size items. The long chamber 10" I.D. and 5 feet long will accommodate rifles, shotguns, crowbars, baseball bats, and similar size items. The two chambers are both to be used in a horizontal position, and only require one vacuum pump, which is furnished as part of the package purchase. Also furnished are our new lids with electrical connection, plus heating element and extension cord with switch. Price: $2,200.00

We can offer a special delivery, set-up, instructions and training on the use of the chambers. Cost depends upon distance and hours of instruction requested.

Detecto Print Super Glue Workshop Notebook
Super Glue Workshop Notebook by Detecto Print
This is my Super Glue workshop notebook. It contains most of the information from the one day long Super Glue workshop. This notebook is upgraded every 6 months to contain the latest information on Super Glue fuming. The price is $20.00 per notebook and contains over 28 pages of information.

Also offered by Detecto Print:

LED Forensic Inspection Kit Spectroline OFK-450 LED Forensic Inspection Kit

Features the super-powerful, portable and rechargeable blue light LED flashlight. Ideal for crime scene investigation, gathering potential evidence and laboratory work.

$200 Through Detecto Print Only.

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A Versatile, High-Intensity, Multi-LED, Broad-Beam UV-A Inspection Lamp Spectroline TRITON 365 Versatile, High-Intensity, Multi-LED, Broad-Beam UV-A Inspection Lamp

A Powerful, New, Multi-LED, Broad-Beam UV-A Inspection Lamp!

This lamp is excellent for UV photography, because it has a very uniform beam with no hot spots, and does not generate any heat, unlike other old technology UV lamps.

This lamp also comes with a battery pack and carrying case for crime scene search

Call us for a price quote.

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Maxima Ultra-High Intensity UV-A Lamp Spectroline MAXIMA ML-3500 SERIES

Ultra-High Intensity UV-A Lamps

Feature state-of-the-art Micro Discharge Light (MDL) technology with user-friendly design.

The only lamp that offers the widest choices to suit your specific application!
Contact us for special pricing!
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Spectroline TITAN TFK-100 UV/Blue Leak Detection Lamp

Spectronics Corp. has developed a high intensity, portable (12 Volt battery) ultraviolet and blue light combination (365nm to 475nm) that is excellent for crime scene search use. It will detect biological fluids, fibers, trace evidence, petroleum products, and fluorescent fingerprint powders.
The unit consists of a battery pack w/recharger, with the instant-on flashlight style lamp w/orange exam goggles and carrying case.

Orange Forensic Examination Flipclip Glasses

Made specifically for alternate light source uses. Retailing for over $50 elsewhere, offered by DetectoPrint for $35 per set (includes soft carrying case).

Forensic Examination Goggles

Specifically designed for newer high intensity forensic light sources, such as Crimescope, Mini Crimescope. etc.. Each pair comes with protective pouch. Call for price quote.

Forensic Viewing Shields

For forensic light source use, 8" x 5" size. come in yellow, orange and red. More sanitary than sharing goggles. Only $6.00 each

For product pricing information and ordering, contact John Olenik at:

Detecto Print, 967 S.E. Oakgrove Terrace
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Phone: 419-944-8777


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